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Re: Low Ferritin
Dec 9, 2010
My ferritin was 7 and I had all these symptoms - all other bloodwork was fine also.

I probably spent a year 'kind of' taking iron then not taking it until this July my mum told me to seriously think about treating it properly. She had a ferritin of 5 a good few years ago and she felt like death - it took her 6 months of treatment to even start to feel better.

After 4 months of trying very hard to make sure I was taking 3 x 200mg of ferrous fumerate a day my levels have went to 19 so I am responding - however I dont feel really that better and I dont expect to feel better for probably another 3 - 4 months. I reckon I have had low ferritin for many many years and it will take a while to build it up.

There are some who think that ferritin needs to be at at least 70 - 90 for optimal health with one american endo saying that he thinks levels need to be 125 - 150. I personally dont think many doctors care about ferritin but as a female you will be more prone to low iron levels due to menstruation and childbirth etc and you do need good iron stores for your body to work properly.

You dont mention where you are (im based in Scotland) but I would take over the counter iron tablets 3 times a day for at least 6 months. Try and take it with orange juice or a vit c tablet this will help the iron be absorbed. With a ferritin that low I would be looking at taking tablets of at least 100mg. There are concerns that you can overdose on iron (which is also not good for you) so you have to be careful but those that I know who have ferritin problems have to take iron for ever more although not quite as much needed as when rebuilding stores.

It might be worthwhile thinking about why your levels are so low - chances are its menstruation - but its just something to think about.

Good Luck!!

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