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Re: Low B12
Dec 14, 2010
I was diagnosed 17yrs ago with pernicious anemia and my life has been a struggle ever since.I have suffered from dizziness and anxiety.This only started after I had a bone marrow test for the anemia.I was 23yr old and was told I was very young to have it as it usually affects older people.I also had graves disease and after the removal of my thyroid was then they discovered the anemia.
Since suffering from an ear infection in July this yr I have been virtually houseband because of the anxiety.Im putting it down to the fact that my body cant deal with infections right now and have numerous bouts of tonsilitis and glandular fever.
My regular GP told me in may this yr that I should have my B-12 shots every 6 months instead of every 3 months.So I have done this and I have now suffered major symptoms of the anemia for the past 6 months.Last week I had a b-12 shot and felt good for a few days but now Im feeling horrid again.
Im short of breath and tired.My skin feels like it is crawling because of the nerves and Im so dizzy and anxious.I have no appetite and I have lost 12kgs.I also find cold sores starting which is usially a good indication that im lacking b12.I am also very aggitated.I have trouble standing up for too long and find I need sleep during the day.Im having another injection tonight and then weekly till my levels are back to normal.I dont even bother with my GP now as I find his idea of waiting 6 months for injection has caused me to feel like this.I feel like Im going out of my mind.

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