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Wish I was a Doctor
Dec 17, 2010
then I could figure this out without help but since I can't I've come here to ask for some layman expertise. Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist me.

Briefly, diagnosed IDA in August when I felt like I was dying. Had shortness of breath, heart palpitations, muscle fatigue, could hardly walk and couldn't exercise. I asked doctor to test my iron and she ran a hemogram I guess they called it. My HBG was 7.8, my hematocrit 24 & my RBC 3.85. After three months of conservative treatment 150mg iron a day with some C, my RBCs are normal 4.3 and my hemoglobin is 8.0, hematocrit 27.4. I had asked the doctor several times to test ferritin because of what I read on this site & she said it wasn't necessary because she knew my stored iron was low. With this second test, she did test my ferritin level and my ferritin was 21 and in the low end of the normal range. Another number on the lab report was 21 and listed simply as iron level and was low on the scale used by this lab. Normal is 40.

After nearly four months of treatment, with a constantly sick gut, some of my numbers have barely moved and my doctor is now saying well- your ferritin is normal, just keep taking your iron and see me in three months.

I am way better than what I was - I can walk normally, exercise a little and the heart palps are limited to days when I'm really tired but I know I'm not better. I thought if my blood numbers showed anemia, my stored iron would not be normal. How could they be inconsistent? I have this fear I am damaging my body, my heart, my kidneys something and my doctor isn't being thorough or aggressive enough. Does any one have any suggestions? She is really reluctant to run tests and if I can't give her a reason, she won't run them. I also don't know what else to ask for.

Thank you for listening.

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