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I'm a 28 year old female who has been back and forth to the docs/hospital now for nearly 2 years.

I have been suffering visual loss, visual disturbances, dizziness, fatigue, pins & needles in arms legs hands & feet, palpitations, poor memory, foggy head, poor concentration, loosing words...

In November my neurologist requested a blood test which came back showing my B12 level at 125, I was sent for a second test to confirm my level (in December) which showed my level at 92. My GP called me into the surgery the same day as the results came through and gave me a B12 injection, I have now been booked in to have 5 more injections over the next 2 weeks and then one every 3 months thereafter (depending on blood test results).

No blood tests prior to this have shown low B12 levels.

It is normal for B12 levels to reduce so quickly? From looking online it seems my levels are quite low, does this mean there may be permanent damage?

I did ask my GP why it was so low but she just shrugged it off. Should I be pushing for any other tests?

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