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I'm asking because I just started going to a new doctor. OK, she is not the actual doctor that I see. I see the NP who consults with the doctor. But the NP has been having me take tests (which it was already in my records that I am anemic) for something I knew I was. I have been anemic for the past almost 15+ years. I am pretty sure I have become accustomed to it. Every time I go in there the NP and nurse say " you must be tired". But my level was 26 and yes I do feel tired but I have dealt with it.

So they put me on Iron pills and I thought that would be the end of it. Iron sulfate 325 mg. But now they call again and want me to do b12 shots. She wants me to do them everyday for a week then go down to 1x week then 1x month. :dizzy:

And on my visit I did mention that I do have problems with bloating and constipation. And so she sends me to a doctor for that. And he of course can't answer anything without doing a colonoscopy.

I'm 44 and generally healthy except for the couple things I mentioned and hypertension (which is under control) but I'm not sure I want to get into all this stuff and taking all this medication. I found out that a side effect of the iron pill is constipation. So I ask myself should I really be taking that. :eek:And so now I have to find out about the b12. I told her my anemia is most likely due to my heavy periods. When I was younger they would be 7-8 days now they have come down to 5-6. She was ready to refer me to someone for that. I told her outright I am not seeing anyone for that because I am not going to get on another medication to "fix it" or "change it" that this is natural (for me at least).

I guess I just don't like taking so many medications (kind of answered my own question) and that is why I have dealt with the anemia for so many years. ;)

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