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I'm a bit irritated following my doctor's appointment yesterday.

My doctor does not want to refer me to a hematologist. He sees no need for it and seemed a bit at odds with the doc-in-a-box suggesting that I should see one. He says I'm barely anemic and that the daily iron tablets will improve my iron stores enough. He wants me retested in a month. That I can understand and I will take a wait and see approach. The rest of the appointment only went downhill from there though.

He sees no need to test me for hemochromatosis. If I am anemic, then I cannot have hemochromatosis. (Guess it doesn't matter that this is the direct cause of my father's death.)

He completely dismissed my request to be tested for vitamin b deficiency. He sees absolutely no need whatsoever for it. Even after I explained to him that I was told by the urgent care center that had originally prescribed my Metformin back in March, and also the pharmacist, that said I must be tested in about 6-12 months for vitamin b, and then again annually. I've read this too in several books about type II diabetes. After that rebuff, I didn't even have the nerve to ask about vitamin k or ferritin.

He had nothing at all to say about my drastic hair loss. He has never seemed overly concerned with the painful joints in my hands so I didn't even bring it up. I guess I am to assume that there is nothing that can be done for that and that it is a consequence of aging. (This makes me quite angry because I am a very young 48 in body, mind, and spirit.)

I'm feeling really down since my appointment. I will remain hopeful that the iron tablets will improve my blood results. I've been feeling like heck for a long time now, what's another couple of months?

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