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Thank you so much again for your responses.

I'd asked my primary care physician a couple of years back to test me for hemochromatosis -- the actual proper testing for it along with the necessary calculations. His reasoning for hesitating to test for me for it was because it could adversely affect me insurance-wise (i.e., always being on my record and perhaps my not being insurable in the future because of it). Hopefully nowadays that will no longer be an issue so I think he should properly test me for it. Up until just this past week, my iron levels had never been tested beyond a simple CBC.

I have the nodules on my joints indicating it could be osteoarthritis. Also blood tests came back negative on whatever could have indicated that it would be RA. It's so very weird having health issues that no one else in my immediate or extended family has... the joint issues, diabetes, hair loss, kidney stones/infections, etc.

I think some of my test results might have improved due to my continuing to stay on carbonyl iron during my cycles after having been told to take it back in June and July. I'm not sure if it could've made that much of a difference or not.

I'm wondering, since I've seen so many here listing their ferritin level, if maybe they have not checked my ferritin level yet? I thought maybe that was what my total iron result was but now I'm thinking it's not. I've been trying to figure out my results, and I'm not quite familiar with the proper terminology, but it looks like I'm not very anemic at all but my iron stores seem to be quite low. I'll be seeing my doctor tomorrow so hopefully I'll understand a little more then about how you can possibly not be anemic but also not have enough iron stores. :dizzy: I hate feeling like such a newbie.

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