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What's going on??!
Jan 13, 2011
Hey guys..

I'm a newbie on this site, but need to try and find some answers as my doc is being pretty useless!
Basically, I'm a student paramedic and have a medical background (which my GP doesn't accept so won't tell me much in real terms or show me lab results)
so I'm well aware SOMETHING isn't right, but just don't know what...

My Signs & Symptoms:
[COLOR="Purple"]I'm always tired / have no energy / generaly lethargic and very weak muscles, constantly cold, pale, shaky, repeatedly get cramp, have a postural drop in BP of 40mmHg (nearly pass out if I stand up too quickly), my hair is falling out in big clumps, I can't concentrate, tend to have a resting pulse of about 110, and get frequent palpitations.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"]Normal ECG (even during palpitations - just raised heart rate).
Was borderline hypothyroidism but has no treatment, and TSH is now in normal range.
Full Blood Count showed normal Hb (according to GP) but HCT of 25% and Ferritin of 22.[/COLOR]

So... Help? please?!
Anyone got any ideas?

I don't know what's going on, my GP just thinks i'm making a fuss over nothing, but I can't carry on like this..

Are the test results low enough to produce symptoms?
Anything else I should ask her to check?

Thank you in advance,
Em xx

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