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Hi all

Last year I was dx with IDA. It was on accident. I am the one who pointed out to my PCP that everytime I had bloodwork done, my CBC's were always off. Since 2006, I noticed that my HGB and HCT were either normal or low. It was back and forth.

It was then she decided to test me for everything under the sun.

When she runs the full panel, she finds that my ferritin was an 8. My HGB was 11.5, HCT was 34.5, RDW-CV was H at 15.3, TIBC was H at 441, Serum Iron was fine at 65, and Sat Rate at 15%.

I had no symptoms.

She referred me to a Hematologist. He DX w/ IDA and that day told me that I could take several iron pills a day, or do an IV Iron Infusion with no side effects.

Well, that was wrong. They did not premedicate me, and I was as sick as a dog from it.

2 days later got a bigger bag, and they pre-medicated me this time, and about 10 minutes after the infusion was done, I passed out cold in the hospital hallway from low BP. I thought I was dead.

After being tested a month later, my ferritin improved to 52. Serum iron dropped a little to 58. HGB up to 12.1(which seems to be my norm according to all other bloodwork going back 4 years), HCT up to 34.5. RDW down a little to 15.3.

TIBC down to 331, sat to 18%.

So he agreed to let me try iron pills. Started with 2 pills of Vitron-C. Retestested again in 8 weeks, and everything got even better, EXCEPT for ferritin which dropped from 52 to 22.

My HGB came up to 12.9(best it has ever been) HCT up to 38.9. RBC is fine, all other diff's were fine. Sat rate improved to 22%.

Unfortunately, I tried the Mirena IUD and bled for about 3 weeks after I had it removed because it was awful.(My anemia is being caused by my periods). Last week I had a CBC done with my regular Dr. As my yearly check up.

My HGB dropped to 11.7, HCT to 35.9. Diff's were all fine. Not sure about the rest as I was not tested. I did tell my Heme Dr. about her results , and says "I see IV Iron by the beginning of February, but those numbers are not bad".

I had my anemia bloodwork drawn on Monday. Waiting to see what ferritin, TIBS, Serum Iron and Sat rate is.

But the Heme Dr. even said that given the blood loss this past month, that those numbers were not bad.

He is STILL thinking I need IV Iron.


Given the reaction I had before, he assures me that will NOT happen again. But I don't think my numbers were all that bad, and it seemed when I did take the iron pills, my numbers got BETTER then the IV Iron??

If I am feeling okay, why the push for IV Iron? Isn't that used for a last resort?

I am tired of hearing about IV Iron. I thought, again it was reserved for people who were severely anemic.

FTR, my HGB has never been lower then 11, in 6 years.


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