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Ok, im 16 my name is chaz. And i'm very worried about my mum. I am educated enough to know what anemia is all about and the other stuff along the way. I know that once you have used all your ferritin stores you revert to the iron reamaining in your blood count (HB). Ok so she has been very ill for about 3 years now, everytime she goes to the doctor they give her the same old blood test and have it sent to the lab with the sentiments of 'your fine'.

3 years ago she had a 'hysterrectomei?' and was told she wouldnt need to continue on iron tablets. As her body should revert back to normal. However it did no such thing, but quite the opposite. She is now 3 years down the line (Aged 47) (which i know is just in the range of age where you generally find this sort of illness). And she has got a current farritin level of 4. which took 2.5 years to get up to 45 and has now gone on the decline and fallen back down again to the current form. She has been treated with iron for a period of time to try and give her a boost; although it improved slightly it then once again declined after the iron supplement was stopped. Her B12 pholate was 4.something and then dropped on a further test down to 2. She was recently pruscribed pholic acid which has helped to improve the condition slightly. But generally speaking over the last 3 years between her ferritin and full blood count she feels tired and exhausted from the low return on her tests.

Suffers from:
excessive tiredness, exaustion, tenderness between bones and joints, palpitations, shortness in breathe, frequent mi-grane head aches and dizzyness, and is not playful like she used to be. She does not know that i am on this it would freak her out if i knew but my auntie told me to look after her and explained to me. Please help i love her to pieces and dotn want to lost her!!!!!! :'(

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