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[QUOTE=Mac2;4310679]Sorry, Tibby, forgot to mention that normal ferritin levels should be about either 69 or 79. I can't remember which it is. So, I would not consider ourselves cured until higher than that. That's what I'm aiming for! There are lots of bodily functions that depend on these levels so hopefully when we attain that we will make a miraculous recovery!

My daughter who is only 13 has very heavy periods which is the way I have always been. Her ferritin was down to 14. I got her checked because she was having dizzy spells. She has risen to about 45 and no longer has the dizziness. Just goes to show though that I/you could have suffered from low levels since we were very young! Just to add, she has not taken iron for as long as me and in comparison her levels are rising much quicker than mine.

Mac2[/QUOTE] 18 year daughter also has low ferratin levels!and i think you are absaloutley right about it being an ongoing issue..i was VERY anemic after both of my kids(both c sections) the last one my heamaglobin was on a 7!!!! that was 10 years ago and i only took iron for a couple of months lol..looking back ,i cant believe the doctors didnt iv me iron! i hemoraged quite seriously both times..but only got a transfusion with my daughter..18 years ago.
I bet i never really got my iron up properly since then but no doctor has ever mentioned it untill 3 years ago.It explains a hell of alot tho mac..a real hell of alot...i never seem to have as much sustainable energy as other people and feel constanty guilty about defo a sprinter rather than a long distance runner..
As for normal levels,one dr i saw said he would like to see mine above a hundred..and that having low iron is like driving a car on empty all the time.
have decided now to be extra vigilant with my iron pills,coz i often miss days etc..
hey good luck with your miraculas recovery!haha i do hope so..hey maybe after the menopause it will happen!?bloody periods, hormones, etc..pain in the arse arnt they :mad:

oh yeah..and the wieght thing..i have read that iron plays an essential role in metabolism..maybe this is an explaination.

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