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Hi Diana

Sorry to hear about your problems.

I don't understand your readings as I have never had any of these tests done myself.

I do know however, that ferritin is very important to your body. I was never diagnosed as being anaemic (not within the last few years anyway), because my hemoglobin tests were fine, however my ferritin came back at 10.

Your ferritin is L4, I'm not sure what the 'L' means, I'm assuming it could mean level? Anyway, if it is standing at 4 then that's pretty low.

Do you have any symptoms? Hair loss, tiredness, etc?

What has your iron treatment consisted of? I can tell you that it has taken me over two years of taking over 400mg per day to reach a satisfactory level. My last reading was 109 last September. My daughter who is 14 started at ferritin 14 a year ago and her reading was up to 86 last September.

It does take a long time to get your levels back up but I do feel a lot better now. I used to have to sleep nearly every afternoon because I was so exhausted but not any more. I wouldn't say I was jumping around with loads of energy but I don't need rest through the day now!

I am sorry also that I don't know anything about IV treatment as I have never had that or been offered it. I am UK based and in my experience with this the GPs just don't really want to know about it :mad: They think it's ok to be low in ferritin but it really is not.

Many women lose hair with this condition - I was lucky to just have a little bit of thinning going on - and your body needs to have a ferritin level of 79 to even produce new hair - and still the GPs don't listen.

Anyway, sorry that I cannot be much help to you - if you have any other questions please ask and hopefully someone else will be able to read your blood work results for you:)

I HIGHLY recommend those dealing with low ferritin to read the below link (and low is anything below 50 . . . optimal is 70-90 . . . ignore what your traditional docs say . . . believe me, mine was 24 and I had TONS of symptoms: hair loss, fatigue, memory problems, chest pains, dizziness, irritability, exercise intolerance, palor, insomnia, etc., etc. And all this despite my thyoroid and adrenals being well treated). All these went away once I got my levels up to 78.

Also, make sure to check your kids' ferritin if you're low. B/c they can only have as much iron as you have (if you're female). My kids' ferritin levels were 9 and 13!!! That is severely low. And they had tons of symptoms as well. We had to take approx 150 mg of ELEMENTAL IRON (in capsule form .. . liquid can stain teeth) to get ours up to optimal in 2 months. Be sure to take vitamin C along with your iron for absorption issues and to off-set free radicals produced by iron. I buy my iron from Vitacost (Ferrochel Iron -- 18mg capsules). We took 4 at breakfast and 4 at lunch. For maintenance 1 per day is good . . . perhaps 2 for women during their period. Otherwise, your levels will most likely plummet again. I know many, like Mac2, are afraid of overdosing . . . I understand. But you simply could not overdose with such low storage iron . . . you'd have to have a ferritin over 100 and take more than 200mg elemental iron (available iron) per day for a few months to overdose.

I was nervous about it at first (especially for my young kids), but taking 50 mg per day was barely moving our ferritin up at all . . . at that rate we'd probably never get to optimal. And having low ferritin is a serious issue. You'll find that high dosing is the case with any severe vitamin/mineral deficiency . . . like vitamin D, which everyone should also test (but make sure you test the active form, called Vitamin D 3). Hope this helps! Smile . . . there's hope :).

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