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High blood serum folate with megaloblastic anemia (low red count, high mcv, high mch) is due to a B12 deficiency.

B12 blood serum tests regularly show false negative results especially when accompanied with high folate and the real measure of B12 should be at tissue level and not what is pooled in the blood. Therefore the appropriate tests to determine B12 deficiency is a urine MMA (methylmalonic acid) and a Total Homocysteine test. These will be elevated when your body has a problem using B12 properly.

The reason you have high folate levels and megaloblastic anemia is because the body uses B12 and folate to produce red blood cells. Without the B12 your body cannot produce red blood cells properly and the outcome is less red cells and red cells that are produced are larger than normal (high mcv/mch). Your body uses folate in conjunction with B12 to make the red cells so when not enough red cells are being produced, less folate is needed, therefore there is an excess of unused folate pooling in your blood. You probably have a normal folate level but it cannot be used without the B12 so is left pooling in blood.

I would get your medical practitioner to check this out before the other things. I am not a doctor so any information that i've provided should not be relied upon and is for information only.

Hope this helps

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