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I got back the results from my bone marrow biopsy - fortunately there were no lymphomas found. I have a hypoproliferative anemia and macrocytosis, consistent with refractory anemia. I gather from my doctors that since I have 2 chronic diseases (lupus and rheumatoid arthritis), I have an anemia common to chronic diseases. Thus, my rbc, hct, hgb, et al, will probably be low for the rest of my life and my MCV, RDW, MCHC, etc. will be high. Wbc count will either be low due to immuno-suppression or high if active infection. I guess if the counts get too low, a blood transfusion or steroids? My iron was high but apparently is being stored in my marrow and there was no evidence of iron sideroblasts (I think "sideroblast" means your body isn't properly doing something with the iron).

By the way, definitely avoid a bone marrow biopsy if given the choice. Maybe all aren't as bad as what I experienced, but the doctor who performed the biopsy (not my hematologist) was too proud of and anxious to show off his new drill to another doctor in the room, that he didn't allow ANY time for the numbing med to take effect before he started drilling. Even when I told him I didn't think the anesthetic was working, he simply stated that yes it was and continued to drill away. Worst medical test I've ever had in my life. :eek:

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