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Well, I knew my anemia wasn't getting better. The ice eating was a sign of that. I eat at least 8 ice cube trays of ice every single day. My freezer can barely keep up and there are times I have to buy bagged ice to assist during the times my ice cube trays aren't ready!

Well, even after last year's 8 iv iron infusions I didn't improve in my iron levels. Got my levels checked today and they have dropped lower than ever. My ferritin came back at 3, which it's never been lower than 10 before. My hemoglobin is 9.2 at the moment, though I'm due for my cycle to begin in about a week, so it's likely to fall more, I guess.

I need to pick up a copy of my bloodwork so I can see all the other levels, but I was also told my vitamin D is deficient, so I'm now on prescription D2 1.25 50,000 once a week. My level was 28, but I doubt it will go up on the D2. I had gastric bypass and I think I need D3, not D2. I live in sunny Florida, so if it's 28 here, I'm not very good about absorbing it.

I'm extremely fatigued and having a lot of chest pain and shortness of breath now. I think they are going to explore the possibility of internal bleeding now. I don't have very heavy cycles, so that's not the reason for such low numbers. You'd think, after that many iron infusions, something would have stuck.

Anyway, any other ice chewers (PICA)? How much do you eat daily? I'm starting to worry that I'm screwing up my gastric bypass pouch/stomach by eating all this ice! I know my teeth are paying for it, surely!

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