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vitamin D and Ferritin levels were low (18). I just started taking Floradix (iron and herbs) liquid supplement and dosing myself with ferrous Gluconate (which is supposed to be better for your stomach). I will tell you if I feel a difference and continue to pray for all the people out there like yourself and I that are not getting listened to and taken advantage (there are quite a few) of by the one's we count on for help. If you all have any advice for me that would be great.
Muscle aches
Depersonalization –foggy
Neck hurts, tight muscles
Hands ache and spasm
Low sex drive
Eye vision seeing spots or floaters
Out of breath when over exerting myself
Restless legs
Some insomnia not much thank goodness because that can me a person crazy.
…who wouldn’t be depressed right.

I hope you are also taking vitamin D...and not just 400 IU but a therapeutic higher dose.

as for floradix, I think it has too little iron in it but again if you are not in a hurry, then it'll work over some time.

it is individual but just fyi, with a ferritin of 6 (and borderline low HGB) I had the following symptoms from your list:

muscle aches (only with/after exertion)
tight muscles
hands ache
restless legs
lower sex drive
a bit out of breath(well not really significantly and it happened rarely, but I'm more trained than the usual sedentary person..)

what I did not have:

eye vision issues
insomnia (I was oversleeping, the total opposite of insomnia)

plus I had some that you did not list:

muscle weakness
concentration issues (not exactly brain fog but some mental tasks were harder)
weird muscle sensations (though not spasm and the sensations were not strong)
fatigue waves (energy level was fluctuating though)

these all resolved within 2 months after taking iron. (a load more iron than what's in the floradix stuff)

how was your hemoglobin and hematocrit?

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