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Yes, go see a specialist. If you are not getting answers from your doctor and you are not seeing any improvement I would definitely get another opinion.

I've been having the same problems as you for the last three years (along with some other problems) and have not gotten answers from any doctors on what is really wrong with me. I take supplements for iron, B12 and folic acid. I'm still tired all the time, my legs ache a lot, I have breathing/chest pains, dry skin, etc. I have finally decided I need to get to the bottom of my problems and so I am going to see a hematologist this week to see if it is my anemia causing my problems. I also have an appointment in a couple months to see a pulmonologist for the chest pains/breathing problem. After I talk to the hematologist I will possibly be talking to an endocrinologist as I have a lot of thyroid symptoms.

Because my health has decreased so much over the last 3 years and it seemed I was dealing with so many doctors and tests I was getting stressed and "took a break". Now I wish I would have been more aggressive in my care and treatment and gone to specialists earlier when I got ill.

Good Luck!

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