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[QUOTE=joawhite;4697329]Ladybug -- please keep us posted, fluid near the brain is quite a scary diagnosis. Yikes !

5.4 HGL, I think is very low -- I was very surprised you were not in the hospital with that level !!

I had my attack when I was at 6.5 (I feel to floor and couldn't get up, w/my heart pumping like mad). I called the ambulance to pick me up and in the ER they wanted me to get a blood transfusion as soon as possible. When HGL gets too low you are at risk for Organ failure and possibly a stroke b/c your blood is not pumping through your body properly (my sis-in-law is a nurse practitioner and that is what she said, but I am in no way a Dr !). I know I kept having fainting/dizzy spells when I was in the 7-8 range.

I am sorry you are going through this -- its so frustrating and scary ! Luckily my numbers seem to be on the upswing, so I will hope that this continues not just for me, but that the same happens for yourself and others on this board !![/QUOTE]

I am very scared, to say the least! :( I just want some answers and I hope Im on the road to finding the problem...

I was admitted to the hospital just a few hours after my pre-op blood work in December when they discovered it was 5.5; they gave me 4 units of blood right away..when I was released it was FINALLY at an 8 but since then it slowly dropped to 5.4 as of 2/18 - dr sent me to er for a blood transfusion and they admitted me again, I just got out last week. I've had 7 units of blood, 2 units of iron since December. I was having a really hard time breathing in december but couldnt figure out why til my blood work came back! I was out of breath just standing or sitting still!

I go to the doctor today for lab work and praying for high numbers or at least the same as they were when I was released.

I hope your numbers keep increasing! :)

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