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Hi there,

I was diagnosed with anaemia (and have fatigue), and was put on ferrous sulphate (3 x 200mg a day). But I suffered bad chest pains located in my upper back. It was like my lungs and rib cage (only at the back) were being crushed. I found nothing on the leaflet about chest pains as a side effect, but I looked it up online. I only found something that agreed this was a side effect, but if you can endure it, ferrous sulphate will work wonders for your anaemia. I tried to endure, and my chest pains calmed down over the next two days (I have asthma, but it was not this pain, and my inhaler didn't help anyway). By the fourth day my chest pain began a couple of hours after my morning dose and I knew I couldn't endure it. It was excruciating pain that I couldn't move with, and extreme breathlessness (though no swelling of throat, etc. and normal heartrate. I did seek medical advice to which they said visit your GP). There was no way I could continue with these supplements and I was hesitate to take any other kind after that - i thought i must be allergic, although my doctor denied any idea these could cause an allergic reaction like chest pain! He seemed amazed I was reporting chest pains following these pills. I forgot to tell him that i was a little itchy all over, only a little itchy but everywhere. A day or so after stopping the ferrous sulphate I am covered in little bumps (looks a little blotchy and bumpy like prickly heat), and like prickly heat it is not incredibly itchy. But it is everywhere; my limbs, back (mainly tailbone area and nape), my wrists and hands, knees, my FACE, my earlobs, my scalp... I can feel the bumps in my hair, round my nostrils etc. I imagine that they'll all peel and i'll be a walking skin-shedder for a few days... well this is actually my hope. Has anyone had this? Does it heal after a few days or get worse? Btw I am not on any medication for my anameia now, just an iron rich diet - the good old fashioned way! Any advice much appreciated!

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