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I'm struggling with very similar issues right now. Have you been tested for diabetes? Both gastroparesis and neuropathy can be the results of uncontrolled diabetes, and so can those feelings of brain fogginess and dizziness. You might also want to be checked for autoimmune disease. Your doctor can order an ANA test which shows if you have antibodies against your own cells.

I've been experiencing polyneuropathy for the last 3 months, but still don't have an answer as to why it's happening. About a year ago I started getting acephalgic migraines (which is just the aura symptoms - like confusion, visual disturbances, tingling, weakness - without a headache), then episodes of vertigo and nausea. I started having times where I felt really unfocused and unable to think clearly too, and having hand tremors. Then I started getting heart palpitations and weakness in my legs. Then a week of migraines with blurred vision in one eye. At the end of November I had a really acute episode and it's basically been ongoing since then. I do have periods of time (a couple hours at the most) where I feel fine and normal, but every day there's some symptom - mostly tingling, burning, and numbness in my feet.

I had a normal MRI of my brain and spine (my doctor was sure I had MS until she got the results). My thyroid tests have always been normal. My serum iron (or hemoglobin) was checked and was fine, but then they thought to check ferritin and it was 24. My neurologist said that it should be above 45 and ideally maybe around 60. He said that he didn't feel that low iron fully accounted for my symptoms, but that I might see an improvement in the tingling, fatigue, and cognitive symptoms if I got my iron up. I've been taking Slow Fe for a couple weeks now, but I haven't noticed an improvement yet.

I should also add that I had a few other abnormal blood results. I had a positive ANA which probably means that I have an autoimmune disease of some sort. I am seeing a rheumatologist and he is trying to figure out whether I have lupus, scleroderma, or another disease. Polyneuropathies can be caused by these disorders because they can cause inflammation and scarring in the central nervous system. Another thing that can happen is that inflammation of the blood vessels (vasculitis) associated with an autoimmune disease can cause nerve damage.

Anyway, I am trying to bring my iron up and see whether it makes any difference to my symptoms. I also had mildly high blood sugar (random and A1C, but I haven't done a fasting test yet) and my dad has diabetes so that's another avenue I need to pursue as diabetes can certainly cause some of these symptoms.

I hope you find answers soon. My neurologist mentioned iron infusions as an option if supplements don't work or cause intolerable digestive problems.


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