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Iron infusion scheduled next week. Hemotolosst wanted me to go in hosp today for 2 unit blood transfusion (heart goes nuts when blood goes down) but I opted for iron infusion.

Have to wait a week because but insurance won't cover the one he had on hand. Bed rest till then, thyroid meds stopped.

Sept 2010 to March 1 2011
Iron went from 65 to 24
hgb went from 12.5 to 10.5
hct went from 39.8 to 31
Ferritin went from 30.30 to [B][COLOR="Red"]5.5[/COLOR][/B]

I have had an issue of blood for many years. It is especially bad for my heart.

I’m frustrated because they can’t find the cause of the blood loss. Each transfusion or infusion works great for a few months then slowly downhill until I need another.

Each time trying new supplements, bi-weekly B12 shots, eating super foot (daily beet/ kale juice, hemp protien, spirulina). Each time disappointed in my body’s lack of cooperation–”Absorb iron already!”

I have Barrets Esophagus and a lot pain in that area. I think its bleeding.

Feel like I'm swimming in mud, too tired to watch tv or even read. Get winded walking to bathroom.

Angina is scary.

Thanks for listening,

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