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I have a bad heart When iron is lower than 11 they give me iron infusions because below 10 my heart goes crazy and I have to have life saving blood transfusion.

My cardiologt and hemotogologst know this and have treadted wme this way for years.
2 weeks ago I went to hematologist. I only saw the nurse who WOULD NOT LISTEN she said I was only 10.8 and didn't need an infusion. I should have demanded to see the doctor.

Anyway the next Tuesday I see the Dr and he is mad that now I'm 10.4 Ferritin 5 its too late for iron infusion so I need blood transfusion. He said go in and get two units. Iu dont like to get blood and asked him to try the infusion

The iron in his office was not the kind my insurance covers so I had to wait a week. Meanwhile I'm tripped iron pills and drink beet juice daily.

My Wed I was in bad shape heart palpitations and chest pains. Thiurs morning I go to hosp. 10,8. They give me 1 unit of blood reluctantly. Fri morning I still feel exhausted and blood is 10.7.

Does it take a while for number to come up? or did I bleed out a whole unit?


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