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I know I am unusual but when my level falls below 11 I am exhausted. I can usually tell the doctor my level before he takes my blood to the tenth of a percent.

My feritin is 5. Once I hot 10..5 I can't walk to the bathroom without being exhausted and short of breath. I stay in bed and nap at least twice a day. I know it is unusual but that how it is for me.

I have had 9 pregnancies and I know my anemia. I start craving ice around 10.9. Over 11 I don't ever thing about ice. At 10 I will get up at 2am to crush ice. I eat it all day.

I am angry at nurses that think I over react when low iron has caused my heart problems several times.

I got a transfusion yesterday. I balked becasue they were not gogin to give my Benadryl I always get benyral. I have go in to shock from allergic reactions. I asked nurse to call dr and ask for Benadryl. He refused.

Nurse said, Why don't you just go home your iron is about 10. Here I am with chest pains, short of breath, and a heart monitor showing bygemini and she tells me to go home? I had someone bring me Benadryl and had the transfusion. They only gave me one unit. My hematologist was off he would have given me two

I hate being treated like I'm not sick when I am.

Sept 2010 to March 1 2011
Iron went from 65 to 24
hgb went from 12.5 to 10.5
hct went from 39.8 to 31
Ferritin went from 30.30 to 5.5

In between low iron I work 100 hours a week. Always have. I want my energy back so I can do more.

Done venting.

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