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I originally went in for depression/anxiety, I was simply at my wits end.
GP gave me ssri and xanax scrips...along with lab check. Also told them I don't tolerate opiods or synthetic iron well at all.
The office called that night said my labs indicated need to come back asap.
First GP was not in next day, so had another dr give me the results below and scrip for ferrous gluconate and appt with hematologist on the 17th,gyno on the 24th.( I guess because I have 1 heavy day)

WBC 3.5
RBC 3.77
MCV 61.6
MCH 18.3
MCHC 29.7
RDW 18.6
MPV 13.3
UIBC 419
TIBC 427
Finally logged into my online chart and also saw my other results (although the GP has not contacted me regarding anything on this),VIT D 25-OH total 9.....guess they don't care about the vit D deficiency

So that's where I'm left, waiting on hematologist appt, stuck with iron pills which I tried and won't be taking again. I am waiting on some heme iron from online and will hope those will do the job ,along with more iron in diet.
It certainly hasn't helped my anxiety, I feel like I'm becoming a hypochondriac always wondering if I'm having a heart attack because of pains and palpitations .
The ssri has helped with the depression,so I guess I am thankful for that.

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