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[QUOTE=Hide and seek;4702445]:wave:

I battle with Anemia in 07, My number was 6 very low and can be danger's. I was put on Iron pills as well. they made me sick, so Doctor give me 500MG of Iron infusion. I be become very allergy to the iron, I spent 3 hours in the ER. I never went to my other infusion. ( I have many other troubles beside Anemia) but on Aug 3rd I went in for a hyster. Doc told me the vertigo, pain, ETC will go away. It never did and I am still on the look out for more doctors. Your not alone, Also eat beans or other high end iron foods, if you can't take the iron pills.

Thanks for the reply Liz.
Seems this board has died down a lot,but have been reading a lot of past posts to find out what the road ahead will be.
I have indeed increased my diet of red meats(steak or liver once a day) along with 1 or 2 heme iron tabs.(12mg)but it is my understanding these are better absorbed by the body.
I am not a good pill swallower,so hoping I can up my counts by diet alone,because I don't see myself complying with pills for extended periods of time,no sense trying to pretend otherwise.
I only upped my pills to 2 this wk due to having my period this week,and feeling woozier than usual(having to grab a wall or risk falling over)
the palps have also increased at night time,which bugs the heck out of me,so getting less sleep.
I turned 40 this yr,but feel like it was the beginning of "welcome to old age"
I didn't get a copy of my labs this time,but did get a glimpse on the monitor as DR was explaining things,I did see something b12,but didn't pay attention to the number.I assume it was fine as he didn't mention anything other than needing iron,and blood.
Got my 2 units of blood just fine,they gave Tylenol and benadryl before starting.(as they will for IV also)
I never realized my temp ran low,each time they checked it was 96.4 and at the end 96.8.
Normally I'm out of breath just trekking upstairs to bed,but last night I didn't get winded in the slightest,so guessing those units are doing their job:)
Bit nervous about the Infed on wed,but looking forward to getting it over with and hopefully on my way to recovery.
they quoted me 4 hrs for the transfusion,6 hrs for the infusion(plus 1 for test)..but the transfusion was closer to 6,perhaps I should recalculate for a longer infusion too?

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