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Hello everyone,

I would really appreciate your help regarding my health issue and thank you in advance for contributing advice and time.

Recently, I have been experiencing the following symptoms: extreme fatigue and weakness, ringing in the ears, brittle/peeling nails, extreme paleness (almost light yellowness sometimes), blueness under the eyes, water retention, dry skin, chest pain, muscle ache, loss of appetite, eye pressure, poor concentration, restless legs and feet, hand tremors and more.

I received a blood test referral and sure enough "results came back normal." I got a second opinion, but both doctors told me I might have anxiety or be slightly depressed. They gave me questionnaires to fill out regarding anxiety and depression and I scored low on both thus ruling them out.

My ferritin level is 43 ug/l, technically falling within the normal reference range. However I do not feel normal. The blood test print out also indicated that 15-49 ug/l = probable iron deficiency but doctors refused to take notice of it. Moreover, I've come across research indicating that ferritin levels between 70-90 ug/l are optimal levels for females, so I consulted with a pharmacist and she gave me low dosage iron (37.5mg). I began taking iron pills 10 days ago and the hand tremor stopped after 2 months of constant shaking.

Additionally, my TSH levels came back as 2.31.. Doctors also deemed this normal but extensive research indicates that 2 or below is optimal.

In any case, if anybody has input it will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.
Simple answer would be to buy some iron tablets (minimum amount 65mg of elemental iron) and try them for a while, and see if your symptoms improve.

Take an iron pill along with a vitamin c tablet forst thing each morning, if it is iron deficiency, you should feel a lot better within a month (but you will likely need to take iron for 6 months to totaly rebuild your blood and tissue stores)

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