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Your B12 count is up, and that's great, but keep an eye on it. It could go down again. The way the whole B12/iron/folic acid thing was explained to me was that if you're deficient in any one of those, it means your engine isn't working right.

I can't remember if using B12 takes iron or the other way, but my hema was adamant that I needed to supplement with folic acid (I was low) and iron (my ferritin stays around 9).

Just as a reference, after my first three B12 shots, my B12 level was 1400. My hema says that once we started the injections, the blood tests don't give a completely accurate picture (in other words, it registers higher). But she checked it a couple of times to make sure the numbers were way up. However, this didn't change my injection schedule. I get a B12 shot every 2 weeks, Floradix 2x a day, plus folic acid and a good multiple vitamin.

Oh, and my symptoms didn't totally go away for a couple of months after my shots were started.

Do they know why you were deficient? If you have pernicious anemia, you'll always have to supplement. If it was just from being run down or whatever, you may be ok with sublinguals and good vitamins. It all depends on the reason you were deficient.

Also, my blood pressure was very high when I was B12 deficient. I also had chest pains and racing heart. Now, all those things are gone, although I have lost weight and now am running.

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