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Please help with interpreting my lab results! Pretty please????

I have been reading the threads and could really use your wise thoughts! I have never had any abnormal blood tests in my life and I'm now 48. Last month, (2/2/11) I had my yearly physical and all blood work was normal, as usual. WBC 4.7, RBC 4.48, Hgb 13.4, Hct 40.3. However, the doc thought my Ferritin was low at 31 so she put me on iron supplements.

A couple weeks later, I had severe pain and started vomiting coffee ground material and had tarry, black stools (found out this was blood due to the doc's staining cards). The doc ran a CBC (on 2/14/11) because they thought I looked pale. Blood test was normal except a slightly low RBC and Hct (RBC 3.77 [3.80-5.20] and Hct 33.8 [35.0-46.0]). The next day, all bleeding from both ends had stopped, but the GI doc did an upper endoscopy and found a couple non-bleeding ulcers and an ulcerated duodudenum (sp?). They put me on Protonix which helped with the pain after a couple days. I figured all was fine.

Even though I was on iron supplements and felt okay, a follow-up blood test a couple weeks later (3/9/11) showed that I was anemic, with low RBC, Hgb and Hct: RBC 3.62 [3.80-5.20], Hgb 10.8 [11.6-15.5], Hct 32.8 [35.0-46.0]. I also had high Eos Auto and Baso Auto; otherwise labs looked fine. I thought that everything should be getting better with the iron supplments, not worse. The doc said the results indicated that I likely had some other GI "slow bleed" and slated me for additional tests.

Because my Hgb dropped from 13.4 to 10.8 and Hct dropped from 40.3 to 32.8 in only a month, the doc followed up with a repeat blood draw yesterday (3/18/11), which is just 9 days since my previous lab test... And the RBC, Hgb and Hct are all back to NORMAL! Is that even possible? Did I just lose so much blood earlier that I looked anemic for a time, but actually wasn't. Can I now skip all the additional GI tests? And consider myself fine?

Last blood draw results for anemia were all Normal: WBC 5.0 [4.0-11.0], RBC 3.99 [3.80-5.20], Hgb 11.7 [11.6-14.5], Hct 36.3 [35.0-46.0]. They also tested for Iron Sat % which was low at 10.8 [14.0-40.0], but other tests were Normal: Iron 43 [30-150], TIBC 397 [250-450], and Ferritin 9 [6-250]. Other than the low Iron Sat %, the only abnormal results were a slightly high Mono Auto at 12.1 [0.0-12.0] and Baso Auto at 1.2 [0.0-1.0], but since they're barely out of range, I figured I could ignore. The concern I have is whether or not there's a problem with anemia and/or possible slow bleed somewhere...

Thoughts? Do I have anemia still? Do you think I need to follow up with additional tests or not, based on labs? I do have stomach pain, bone/joint pain, and extreme fatigue, but figure my body's been through a lot recently, and that's why.

Thank you! In appreciation and gratitude, in advance!

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