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[QUOTE=lisadi24;4713308]Hi everyone, I have been short of breath,I fainted once, having palpitations, and really tired. Lab results show:

WBC 3.8 (L)
RBC 3.64(L)
MCH 33.0(H)

I went to the cardiologist because I thought my symptoms were due to a heart related problem and my PCP's assistant told me over the phone that my labs were good!(?)
When the cardiologist saw the labs that were faxed over to her, she said that something is definitely wrong.....
In the interim now, before I fax over labs to my hematologist...does anyone have any ideas what these numbers may be pointing at? Thanks for now[/QUOTE]

I'm sorry you are going through a rough time. I hope it all gets worked out for you soon.

Keeping in mind I am not a doctor, I'm just going from what I have researched...

Lab test results vary from place to place, so what might be considered high/low/normal can be interpreted differently. However, there is a general ballpark with most of these readings.

Going by standards from LabCorp...

WBC normal ranges from 4.0-10.5
RBC normal ranges from 3.80-5.10
HEMATOCRIT normal ranges from 34.0-44.0
MCH normal ranges from 27.0-34.0

Other LabCorp standards which you may want to check with the doctor are:

RDW normal ranges from 11.7-15.0
MCV normal ranges from 80-98
Sed Rate [ESR] normal ranges from 0-20
Ferritin, Serum normal ranges from 13-150
Iron, Serum normal ranges from 35-155

The interpretation of high/low/normal depends on the lab, but the results are tallied in the same matter no matter which lab; it's just how one differs over another in what they mean. Then it is on your doctor to take a bigger picture to see what else might be going on. That being said...

You have a low number of red and white blood cells and a normal, albeit on the lower end of normal on the hematocrit and MCH.

High WBC and low can both indicate an infection, but a low can also mean an autoimmune disorder or bone marrow failure.

RBC counts the number of red blood cells in the volume. High levels mean a more concentrated level in cases of dehydration. Low levels can point to anemia.

The hematocrit when low can point to several types of deficiencies including iron, vitamins and minerals as well as recent bleeding, cirrhosis of the liver, and malignancies. If you had a recent period, for example, it might be low normal.

The MCH is decreased with iron deficiency and thalassemia.

You might want to check if the other lab tests were done in a CBC because they can be more telling of whether or not you are anemic.

A high sed rate can point to anemia, so you may want that checked. The iron and ferritin are also important to check.

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