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Here's my story:

I am 42 years old. I went to my GP at the beginning of February this year because I was depressed (irritable, fatigued, not sleeping well, etc.) so she gave me an anti-depressant. After taking that for a few weeks, I had a follow up visit with her and I was complaining of very sore, stiff muscles. I get some bloodwork done to check muscle enzymes and they are elevated (at ~330, I'm told it should be at 20 but I'm not sure about that). She figured it was the anti-depressants so she took me off of them and ordered more bloodwork for a couple weeks later (once the meds were out of my system). She decided to order a CBC at that time also.

Around March 10, I get the CBC done and my hemoglobin is 74. They tell me it should be ~140. So they are worried, plus my muscle enzymes have gone higher, not lower (my GP at this point is on vacation for March break for two weeks). The replacement Dr. orders B12, iron, ferritin tests. Results come back and it turns out B12 is fine, but iron is at 3 Dr. tells me it should be at ~30, ferritin is at 2, Dr. doesn't say what it should be at.

They tell me I have to get 100mg of iron injected daily for the next 10 days: thing is though, my back is killing me, my abdomen hurts with a full feeling and I feel worse (more fatigued) when they inject the iron (deep IM). To top it off, a different stand-in Dr. tells me to get to the emergency because he thinks I'm bleeding internally - I go, the emerg folks agree that I am anemic but say I do not present with symptoms consistant with internal bleeding (can have those 5 hours back please??!!).

Thing is, aside from the fatigue, the irritability and the pain (I attributed it to being "fat & forty"), I'm fine. Everyone looks at me and goes, you don't look sick! My diet is super rich in iron and B12 so it is most likely an absorption issue because I really doubt I'm bleeding anywhere (normal, light periods, no easy bruising no severe dizzyness, etc).

Does anyone have a similar story and if so, what did your anemia turn out to be the result of?

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