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My Cousin's hemoglobin is 9 MCV is very high (I think it is 151+ but not sure)
The Doctor has given him some injections (8 or 9 injections) daily and said he will recover. His age is around 40.
I forgot to ask to Doctor as to what exactly is the problem...

He takes drinks sometimes. He also eats Tobacco a lot which he has reduced in last few months(thats according to him). No other drugs.
He traveled to few countries recently like Dubai, Bangkok China etc

Can any one suggest what can be the cause of this? Is it something alarming?
Not sure if you know what those mean but I'll fill you in a little.

I'm sure you know what hemoglobin is, and 9 is definately low. We like Hb to be between 14 and 18g/dL. The MCV is the average volume of an RBC. Normally this is 80 - 96fL and as you indicated your cousins is 121. What does this mean? It means his RBCs are macrocytic - large.

There are basically 2 types of macrocytic anemias. The megaloblastic and round.

Megaloblastic include vitamin B12 or folate deficiencies.
Round anemias include reticulocytosis, alcoholism, and liver disease.

Now without the rest of the CBC, RBC morphology, and history, we can't say for sure what, but you can say IF his morphology is mainly macrocytic ovalocytes with a 9 Hb and >100 MCV, it's POSSIBLE that he has a B12/folate deficiency OR pernicious anemia, which is an autoimmune disease where you can't absorb vitamin B12 in the stomach.

Treatment for this is basically vitamin B12 or folate (usually orally) or B12 intramuscular injections if its pernicious.

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