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Found out in Feb 15th I have iron def Anemia went in hospital for heart palps and learned I had a Hemo of 7.9 they kept me 24 hours ran a second panel saw my hemo went up to 8.4 sent me home with a script for iron sulf 2 times a day.

I do not have any health insurence anymore, so you can imagine the level of care that's open for me.
Anyways when I went in to the hospital my cbc looked like this,

WBC-7.8, RBC-380, HGB-7.9, HCT-26.0, MCV-68.5, MCH-20, MCHC-30.5,

(RDW-18.3) <---this is already high!, PLT-261,

On Feb 26th
Had CBC done agian, WBC-7.1, RBC-4.50, Hemo-9.8, HCT-32.4, MVC-71.9, MCH-21.8, MCHC-30.4,
(RDW-21.9) <---- it's still going up! PLT-280,

Fast forward now past a heavy mensi cycle, and plus I just found out I have a softball sized fibroid that needs to be gone like yesterday. :(
Now my next CBC, on March 17th
Hemo 11.6
WBC-7.6 went up, RBC-4.62, HCT-36.5, MVC-78.9, MCH-25.1, MCHC-31.9,
(RDW-29.0)<---- What's going on with that!? normal is between 11.0-15.0
Everything else is going up, but so it that?
I found out my Ferritin is 33 I have no idea what it was before. iron total 61, and iron binding 366, and saturation at 17.

I have a regimen I do juicing fresh apples and blk strap Molassas lot's of rest lots of red meat egg whites hemi and non hemi foods. Im guessing it works because my hemo is now at 12.4, HCT-37.9, RBC-4.61,

However, The only reason I know this is because I was in the ER agian on the 26th of March due to heart palps and a blood pressure spike reading of
150/90 Im only 38 and that's not normal for me at all.

I'm not technically considered Anemic anymore because my hemo is normal levels now, but I still have no energy and most of all the symtoms I had last month! I also get head aches and light flashes aches in my ankles etc..

Any advice about my RDW being so high?
I just jumped from 7.8 to 12.4 hemo in a month and a half, anyone else move numbers like this too?

I appreciate any and all feed back.

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