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Can somebody please help me with any advice?

Ok I have posted my numbers on a previous post in here.

I was 12.4 hemo last Saturday, but I am still feeling a lot of Anemia symtoms.

No energy can't hardly get off the couch.

Aches and pains in my joints, the ankles top of feet and wrists also upper back between shoulderblades, that area comes and goes.

Woke up with a radiating pain in my left wrist like never before, and right before my mensi started.
I have excessive thirst especially late at night, that wakes me out of my sleep. Some sweating also especially hours before the onset of my mensi.

I am not sleeping well if at all the past two days.
My blood pressure has been high for me lately, like it's changed.
Three weeks ago it was low in 90's/50 & 60s ,
now it's 120's/70s to mid 130s/80s it really seems to be fluctuating between those highs and lows.

and with sudden spikes once and a while to 150/90 145/70 you get the idea.
Last weekend I went to the ER because I had a sudden onset of palps in the 120-130s
They did a ECG and a Xray of chest and a few blood panels. Hepatic function and Troponin and Lipase, Basic Metabolic, and a CBC W/auto diff
This is when I learned my hemo was at 12.4. HCT 37.9 RBC 4.61 those are the only blood test he ran on that cbc.
He said everything looks fine and I think you may have anxiety so he sent me home with a perscription for a kind of Lorazepam.

Like I said I am still so week and my body temp last night during my heavy mensi showed a 96.0* reading at one point. My bodys temperature reading over the past 2 days has been 98.2 in the morning lying in bed and by late night just stuck lying around, goes down in the 96.0s-97.0s. so it starts high goes down later during the day?
Can the low body temp be due to heavy menstration?

On March 17th my blood panel looked like it's improving, can be seen in my only previous post, however my RDWs were at 29.0 and they have been moving up since I went into hospital Feb 15th.

The Iron Sulf 65 mgs 2 times a day hit's my stomach hard even with vitamin C
and I get shortness of breath and other things for a period after taking it, but it must have brought my levels up?
I went down to 1 day for 3 days and as soon as the mensi came I decided to go back on 2 starting last night. FYI I have only slept 3 hours today so far. :(

A doctor Im seeing wants to test me for Thalassemia and I asked for a TSH W/REFL and FT4 about thyroid?

I know my hemo is at normal levels as of last week, but I am still so week and out of it!

What's scaring me the most is my new aches in ankle and wrists and tops of feet, what does that mean with all things considered?

I am frusterated here anyone going through this also?

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