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Hi, I am new here and was hoping someone could give me some advice on what I should be asking my Dr to do.

For the past 2 years (since having DD in Jan 09) I have started having anaemia symptoms. I was being treated for asthma after playing tennis and struggling to breathe (turns out is was part of the anaemia). Other symptoms are extreme fatigue, extremely irritable, palpatations, dizziness, cold, restless legs, easy bruising, etc...

I have two lots of bloods (listed below) and have also been tested for thalassemia, l even though I don't have the genetic background (-ive).

I had a miscarriage in Jan 10 and believe it was connected to the anaemia. I am now concerned because my husband and I are trying again and have been trying now for 14 months. My periods are light and 2 days so this has not contributed to the anaemia, though I have haemorrhoids and fissures which I think are contributing. The 2011 test is after taking spatone for 3 months (2 satchets).

Bloods 07/02/11 24/11/10
HAEMO 95 83 g/l
RBC 5.29 4.65 /l (n)
PCV 0.34 0.29
MCV 65 63 fl
WCC 4.4 4.6 /l
Platelets 366 287

Iron 1.9 3.9 umol/l
Transfe 3.45 g/l
Saturation 2
Ferretin <2 1 ug/l

HB Electrophoresis 30/11/10
Haemo A 97.6%
Haemo A2 2.2 %
Haemo F 0.2 %

I work full time and have a 2 year old and am exhausted! The Dr has not requested a follow up appointment and has told me only to take fefol iron supps, but these make me constipated, which doesn't help the haemorrhoid situation so I went to the pharmacy and got a liquid supp and am taking 20 ml of ferrous sulphate 30mg/ml, equiv to 30mg/5ml of elemental iron, so 120 mg of elemental iron and am still feeling no better. I am at my wits end and its starting to affect my realtionship beacuse I'm so tired and irritated. Should I ask to see a Haemotologist?

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