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Sounds like jonnstar has a good recommendation for an iron pill to take when you have a sensitive stomach. Also, I wonder if those that have trouble with weak stomachs and the iron are waiting to take it until they have something in their stomach? I always wait about a 1/2 hr after eating to take my iron. I take the Farrous Sulfate but have never taken one without a stool softener and never taken it on an empty stomach.

Sounds like your daughter is going to think this is going to be a quick fix maybe. Even if she does take it, I hope she doesn't think she will feel better overnight. Oh, maybe see if she'll take pre-natal vitamins. I started out taking those (not enough iron for what she needs but it would be a good start anyway). They coat them now so they are big but they go down easy. I honestly was starting to feel better even days after taking those... then my hemotologist added 1000mg of farrous sulfate (with stool softeners)...with food in my stomach I've never had a problem...

Good luck, sounds like you're having to get past the psychological issues before you can start solving the iron issues! If it were one of my kids I'd tell them they were acting like a 15 yr old, not a 21 yr old adult. I'd tell them they are lucky to have a basically healthy body that does not have a disease like cancer, look at what those people have to take to stay alive (chemo). I'd tell them your body is like a car, you have to maintain it, you have to make sure your fluids (in this case her iron) are topped off... and in her case, her IRON is like OIL in a car - without it, her body (like a car without oil) cannot function, it will break down and it won't run... all she needs to do is try a different type of iron (like the one suggested), not on an empty stomach, every day, and she should hopefully bounce back fairly quickly since she's so young. Does she eat leafy green veggies and red meat? That alone won't be enough but she should have both.

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