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My 21 year old daughter has had low ferritin levels for past several years. She has "tried" supplements but claims to have stomach issues with it.

Recently she has had rapid and irregular heart rate, hair loss, and about a dozen other symptoms of low iron. She has seen a hemotoligist and recently a cardiologist. They both seem to think she is not "sick enough" to merit medical treatment. Eat better, take supplemental iron, blah, blah, blah, come back in three months and pay me more money.

Today I got her Enzymatic Therapy Ultimate Iron and Thyroid Support (NSI) which looks to me like it should be a help with bringing up the iron levels and maybe putting a halt to the heart issues, etc. Also got some spirulina for good measure.

So, I give her the bottles, and think she should be happy, maybe say thanks, and get started on the supplements.....

Instead, "I am not taking anything with iron. It hurts my stomach. I tried that before. The doctors don't care. Nobody cares. etc, etc. etc. I think she is looking for something instant to fix this. I think doing nothing means nothing changes.

Any advice? I was thinking about a well placed boot, but it would not be helpful if she bled.

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