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I was just posting on another thread and had an idea for your stubborn daughter. Maybe try picking up a bottle of the prenatal vitamins (for 'starters' anyway - I know it's not all the iron she needs but it's got to be better than NOTHING), make a nice salad out of the "spring mix" (my favorite salad greens and my 17 yr old son's girlfriend's favorite around my house) - it's the mix that has the greens and the purplish colored leafy lettuces too... pick up some grape juice ... make her a steak... serve her that nice meal with the purple (red) grape juice in a pretty wine glass and have her take a prenatal vitamin - make sure she drinks all the grape juice with it and takes it at the end of the meal.

Foods that are naturally green, red, purplish in color are generally high in iron. Beets, purple grape juice, pomegranate juice, spinach greens, red meats, the dark meat of chicken...

Just an idea... good luck - it's not easy dealing with the psychological issues with kids/teens/tweens... been there, done that, still there (just not on the iron issue with mine):round:

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