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[QUOTE=jonnstar;4733105]If you have pernicious anemia, your stomach almost certainly doesnt produce enough acid to adsorb caltrate. Citrical doesnt need acid to be adsorbed, so it would be a better chicie for you.

Taking a daily B12 supplement (2000mcg of sublingual B12) would force extra B12 into your body even if you lack intrinsic factor.

Taking your multivitamin with a tablet of betaine Hydrochloride would provide some acid to help your bodya dsorb the minerals it contains, might be worth looking at.[/QUOTE]


Thank you for mentioning the absorbtion of the Caltrate as I started to think about what you had written to me and it prompted me to see the pharmacist at Pathmark which told me that Caltrate is not a good source of calcium to take and Citrical can be more readily absorbed with people who have pernicious anemia. I am forever indebted to your good faith of helping me. Thank you so much.;)

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