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Hi Busit: So sorry to hear about your not feeling well. I, too, have very low ferritin levels like you. I got diagnosed w/ severe anemia 3.5 yrs ago inadvertently. Also had bad monthlies and excruicating ones. Later found fibroids, had myomectomy to remove them 2 yrs ago. After the surgery, my hemo fluctuates (within range/borderline/low out of range). All this time the family MD thinks i am still anemic. Iron stores super low , they have fluctuated and gotten worst the past 2 yrs after my surgery. I got impatient w/ my family Md and decided to go elsewhere. Symptoms of fatigue, weakness, out of breath walking up stairs, can't climb uphill like i used to.

So after seeing a gyno today she tells me she suspects it's hypothyroid issues and that i DON'T have anemia anymore based on the hemo and hematocrit (even tho hemo is sometimes out of range). She says it could be thyroid related, although i don't show visual symptoms and it can't be felt. She had me see an internist and he ordered an ECHO test for me. We'll see how that goes....

I'm interested to hear the diagnoses and symptoms of others having the same problem.

Now, this Proferrin this OTC or does it require a prescription? Has anyone relied on food sources to up the ferritin levels?

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