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@ Fitness Seeker and mjinteriors,

Thanks for your input and understanding. It's so good to know there are others out there who understand when most of your friends and family can't understand why you sleep and have no energy the majority of the time. Here is an update on what is going on with me:

The hematologists finally called me back after his vacation and receiving the report from my cardiologists. He still insists that I am not anemic, but wanted me to take 325 mg. iron a day and get blood work checked again in two weeks. He also wants me to do a sleep study due to my fatigue, but I think this is a total waste of time and money since I have no other symptoms of sleep apnea. Therefore, I started taking that plus tried taking the heart meds (Lisinopril) I previously had been given from my cardiologists that made my blood pressure drop (but only every other day instead of daily). Strangely enough, this is also about the time I started having diarrhea 3-5 times a day. This continues still. Towards the end of the two weeks, I also had a follow up with my gastorenterologists who was satisfied that I no longer had constipation, but decided to run blood work to check for Addison's Disease since I was going to get blood work done anyway.

After 2 weeks on the iron, the blood work showed that my hemoglobin had dropped to 11.8 (very bottom of normal range), ferritin went up slightly to 8, hemacratic is still low and always has been. The study ordered by the gastroenterologists showed my cortisol is low which indicates adrenal insufficiency possibly leading to Addison's or Cushing disease. The hematologists called with the results and says I'm still not anemic, but now wants me to double my iron to 650 mg a day and if possible, triple it. He still thinks I should do the sleep study, but wants me to talk to my family doctor about that. He also think the low cortisol level could be causing a lot of my problems as this is the hormone that supplies adrenalin to all the organs (if I understand it right). Called the family doctor and they haven't called me back yet. They are notorious for that and it is frustrating. So I am still in the stage of trying to find out what is going on and what exactly to do to fix it. Thankfully, school will be out in a week and I will have much more time to rest, but until then, the end of school with finals and graduation is one of the most stressful times. Well, thanks for listening and your input again. Oh, one more thing. I am trying very hard to eat iron rich foods as much as possible and trying to be the best patient I can be, but I admit it's tough.

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