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Hello! Sorry if this is a bit long.. but please bear with me...

Last October, I was experiencing extreme fatigue combined with numbess in my hands and toes, and random bursts of irritability. After a blood test, they realized my B12 was low and my iron levels were also slightly low as well.

I was taking regular B12 injections for a week, and every month after that up until January. I was told to wait a few months and come back for a new blood test.

Recently, I have been feeling the SAME symptoms so when I went for my review blood test, they said my iron was lower (now 14) but my b12 seemed to be fine. The doctor basically told me that I should not be feeling any symptoms at my current level.

So I left the office with the advice to take iron tablets (which I was already taking).

Now, after a few weeks I have developed this.. horrible itchy feeling all over my body--I scratch until my skin is raw! But there is no rash or anything to be seen... After a bit of research, I was seeing that this is a sign of a kidney problem....

I had a bad kidney infection about a year and a half ago (I was put on homecare for a week) Would this have scarred my kidney thus causing the anemia and b12 deficiency?

I just want to know WHY I am suddenly low in iron (and decreasing), and also why were my b12 levels were low enough to require shots?? I am feeling so awful, tired and itchy.. and yet I have been told I shouldn't be feeling this way... Should I bother pursuing this? Is it all in my head?

Feeling very discouraged.

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