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Hi Shaylove,

A low ferritin level does not necessarily mean you will have fatigue. The hemaglobin level is more of an indicator as to how you will feel energy wise. Your reading of 13 (normal is 12.1 - 15.1 gm/dL, US reading) is not below normal levels.
In Canada the normal is 115 - 155 g/L - I have been hovering between 75 & 90 for the last year. My hematologist twice tried the Iron infusion on me - and both times I ended up having a severe reaction. He doesnt want to try a third time. So, when my iron dips down below 80 - I have to go into the hospital for a blood transfusion. This happens about every 3rd month. I do take an Iron supplement, but my body does not seem to absord the iron.
I suffer from extreme tiredness and swelling of my left leg when my blood levels drop. I also have heart palpations and fainting spells - quite disruptive to leading a "normal" life.
However, I am learning to adapt and look forward to returning to work sometime soon.
If you have not already done so, I suggest you get yourself checked out with a hematologist. If your blood levels drop much lower, he can set you up with the Iron IV and you will feel much better very quickly. You might want to also check out your Thyroid, low Thyroid levels can cause fatigue as well.

Take care.

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