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Happylittlefam: You poor thing. I've only been experiencing my symptoms for 6 months. I've had such a healthy life (I just turned 44). If it weren't for the arthritis symptoms I've experienced over the last 6 months and my injured shoulder and some second half of the day fatigue, I never would have gone to the doctor at all. I hadn't been to the doctor in over 10 yrs (for ME that is - I take my kids for whatever they need). I should have gone for "well visits" at least every couple or few years is my lesson learned now. My low iron and hemoglobin probably would have been caught sooner, my fibroid tumor might have been found when it was much smaller (now I have to have a hystorectomy because the tumor is so big and it's the cause of my anemia). Have you had an ultrasound to check for uterine fibroid cysts? I know you said you don't have heavy periods but they do live off of your blood supply so maybe you are experiencing blood loss from those and haven't experienced the heavy periods YET. Just a thought since that is what my experience is that's going on right now.

I'm worried about going into surgery with my low blood pressure, low hemoglobin, ferritin and other dangerously low levels but Dr. tells me that it's more dangerous for me to keep losing blood because of this tumor inside of me... and that my levels will not go up until we get it out... basically because my body can't 'make' new cells and hemoglobin fast enough to keep up with my blood loss.

I pray you have some relief soon and answers. I am sure that you will not need your ADHD meds or any of those other similar meds as soon as you get your blood taken care of. Best of luck and keep us posted! ;)


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