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Okay, so I went to doctor to get some blood tests done for various STDs, and such. I've been under a lot of anxiety about possible STDs, right? So I have some tests done, including a thyroid test that came back 2.56, which I think is in normal range according to the (.5-5.5) next to it, besides it wasn't underlined like the stuff that showed irregularities.

WBC: 5.81(4.8-10.8)
RBC: 4.58(4.70-6.10)******
Hgb: 14.7(14.0-18.0)
Hct: 43.8(52.0)
MCV: 95.6(80.0-94.0)******
MCH: 32.2(27-31)*******
MCHC: 33.7(33-37)
RDW: 11.8(11.5-14.5)
Plt: 215(130-400)
MPV: 8.98(7.2-11.1)
Neut: 56(40.0-74.0)
Lymph: 34(19.0-48.0)
Mono: 8(3.4-11.0)
Eos: 2(0.0-7.0)
Baso: 1(0.0-1.5)

Na: 143(135-147)
K: 3.8(3.5-5.3)
Cl: 101(95-108)
CO2: 26(24-31)
Anion Gap: 16(5-15)******
BUN: 12(8-26)
Creat: 0.9(0.8-2.0)
BUN/Creat Ratio: 13.3(10-20)
Gluc: 84(65-115)
Ca: 10.3(8.5-10.5)
T Prot: 7.8(6.0-8.5)
Alb: 4.8(3.0-5.0)
AST: 17(0-45)
ALT: 20(0-45)
Alk Phos: 79(30-120)
T Bili: 0.4(0.0-1.5)

My TSH for Thyroid problems was 2.56, which everyone(including Dr) says it's normal but some people say high normal. What the heck is Anion Gap? This a normal blood test?

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