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[QUOTE=mjinteriors;4750606]Hollyday our situations are SO similar it's almost scary![/QUOTE]

Wow, you're right, our numbers are really similar as are our symptoms! It's such a relief to me to know what is causing all these seemingly unrelated problems: hair falling out, restless legs, weakness, breathlessness etc.

Another funny coincidence is that I [I]rarely[/I] go to doctors either. I don't want to be seen as a "whiner." lol I'm 43 so I guess we are apparently of the same "suck-it-up-and-deal-with-it" generation. :D

Ok, another really weird thing. You have [B]3 boys[/B] 20, 18 & 12. I have [B]3 girls[/B] 19, 17 & 13! Now tell me that doesn't make the twilight zone theme music start up in your head! :dizzy: haha (See, now I'm dating myself by referencing old black&white tv shows ... ;))

[QUOTE=mjinteriors;4750606] (I thought I was just getting really out of shape and literally bought a new pair of running shoes the day before my results came in!)[/QUOTE]

Exactly! lololol I thought I was just lazy & out of shape so I started a workout program at home before finally begrudgingly making a dr. appt. I knew something was wrong when I couldn't complete 20 pushups or work out with short routines without getting out of breath. I have a very slight build so it obviously wasn't a big weight gain that caused the breathlessness.

[QUOTE=mjinteriors;4750606]I honestly can say I never recovered from that mountain climb last November. I've had arthritis ever since.[/QUOTE]

I'm not a medical professional but I do know that when there is an extreme stress on the body, your immune system can get a little hyperactive & start attacking your good cells instead of bad ones. Perhaps that hike sent you into overdrive, which allowed the (autoimmune) rheumatoid arthritis to take hold.

My arthritis is osteo so I'm sorry I don't have better info for you. Oh, and it was part of a genetic connective tissue disorder so I've had painful joints since I was very young. But then again, since I've felt like this almost my whole life, the pain doesn't seem to cripple me very often - possibly because I've gotten used to it. I don't know what it would feel like to not have it!

[QUOTE=mjinteriors;4750606]Today was my ultra-sound (sono-histogram) with my gynocologist. it turns out I have one huge fibroid cyst larger than the size of a large, full term baby's head[/QUOTE]

I also went to see my gynocologist, thinking that MUST be the problem, but I only had a couple of really tiny fibroids starting up. Not enough to do anything about. Sorry to hear you will have to have a hysto. :(

[QUOTE=mjinteriors;4750606]My blood pressure is so low, my hemoglobin so dangerously low that I'm in danger of needing a transfusion ..... I'm worried about losing blood during the surgery. [/QUOTE]

Well, the good thing about having low blood pressure is that if you did have a bleeding problem during surgery, you wouldn't bleed out as fast - giving them more time to transfuse you. Knowing that bleeding will be a concern, they will probably have several bags of whatever blood type you are on hand (in the OR) just in case. Make sure though that they will have this blood readily available & won't have to wait for someone to run it to the OR.

[QUOTE=mjinteriors;4750606]Can you tell me if you've had your Ferritin done? I think that as your iron climbs with the supplements (if you don't have absorption issues... is that the %SAT for saturation?[/QUOTE]

I didn't have any of that printed on my lab results so I don't know what they are or what they would mean. I mean, I didn't even tell my GP about the hair loss or weakness or anything (just thought I was getting old - lol), I just asked for a liver & kidney function because I take so much ibuprofen. He added several other tests just for the heck of it & I'm glad he did!

[QUOTE=mjinteriors;4750606]my doctor has me on 325 farous sulphate 3Xday... but maybe your doctor has you on a lower amount for a reason?[/QUOTE]

Yknow, he didn't really tell me a certain AMOUNT to take. He just said to immediately start taking a daily iron supplement so I picked Fergon because I heard you have less constipation issues with it. But it's not ferrous sulphate, it is ferrous gluconate so that apparently explains the difference in the milligrams.

I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, but I'm glad I have someone in a nearly identical (!) position to compare stories with! :)
Holly; Oh my gosh - it's SO funny how similar isn't it? The biggest 'difference' is that I've been super healthy all my life - I mean except for being a 'day dreamer' in elementary school (lack of focus? Mental fatigue? I had TMJ, used to grind my teeth at night - stressed a lot about school/grades as a teen), I never really had any 'physical' fatigue growing up or after until recent years. Anybody that's known me as an adult knows I'm a high energy, fast walking (fast typing!), zipping from one place to another (ALWAYS to pick up or drop off one of my kids), always repainting a room, sewing new curtains, refinishing a piece of furniture, digging a new garden, building a stonewall, even painting my house while hubby was away on a business trip kind of gal! I just turned 44 last month! Now that I look back at RECENT years... I can't believe how long it's been since I've done a project for my house, how I used to be able to keep up with the housecleaning, the laundry - in the last couple of years it's all just piled up. I do have my business to blame too, I'm very busy running my own business, but back when I got all these projects done, I was working outside of the home and only had one or two days off/week! So I think (I hope) it's the fact that my anemia sapped my energy? That's what I'm hoping for. I'm hoping to regain the energy I used to have. I just hope this arthritis thing doesn't get in my way. I have not been diagnosed yet with the arthritis, just the Rheumatoid factor of 27 showed up on my blood test and the positive antibodies too and more specific bloodwork for that is being tested now, won't be back for about a week I guess :dizzy: Oh BROTHER - with all the anemia & now hysterectomy stuff recently dumped on me, do you think I want to even 'think' about 'arthritis' right now too? I've already decided that no matter what it is - I'm going to try to go the homeopathic route and treat it with vitamins, exercise and after I recover from my surgery, I want to try taking yoga for the first time. It seems like that would just be so perfect for my newly arthritic body. Why don't you TRY YOGA!!! Oh, yes, I'm so glad I just thought of that! My oldest son and his girlfriend are doing it 2X3 times a week together, they LOVE it. My son has had some issues in the past, (he's been on lots of meds in the past - we've decided they are all quick fixes - and homeopathic remedies and getting to the root of the problem is the way to treat, not 99% of these meds that doctors prescribe like candy) before this girlfriend, and I think a combination of the great girlfriend and the yoga (and a full time job) is helping his mind, body and soul emensely! I heard yoga can treat depression! It makes so much sense, it's stretching, getting your body loose and limber, meditation, it's fabulous for your mind and body and soul ...

Okay now about your iron. I'm so surprised your doctor is so nonchalant about things like how much iron to take? Why don't you seek a new doctor? Sounds like the two of you don't have good chemistry together anyway. As for the stomach upset or constipation with the iron - my doctor didn't tell me this, my doctor just said to work up to 325X3/day Farous Sulphate and make sure to take it on a full stomach. The pharmacist that I asked about it said take a stool softener with each one. So I bought stool softeners right along with the iron and take them together. I have not had even one problem whatsoever. You probably don't want to take as much as I'm taking because your hemoglobin is not as low as mine, but ... Oh, I wanted to tell you that before I ever saw a specialist, my regular doctor was out on maternity leave and her 'fill in' doctor was the one reading these results for the first time, and she referred me to a couple of the specialists, sent me for more bloodwork and had me buy prenatal vitamins to start taking after the bloodwork was done. I can tell you that even though the doctors all tell me it must have been in my head because I shouldn't feel better for a couple of weeks... I started feeling better within 48 hrs of taking those prenatal vitamins! REALLY - so now my hematologist and my regular doctor who is now back from maternity leave say it's not really necessary to take the prenatal vitamins with the iron too however, since it seems to be making me feel better, there must be something in them that's helping me so by all means, keep taking them!!!

Oh Holly, I'm really wanting you to feel better. I wish you were my neighbor, I'd love to chat over a cup of coffee about all this and about life with 3 boys vs. life with 3 girls and how crazy it is with them all these ages right now (did you ever think it would get even MORE chaotic when they got older??? I sure didn't!!!). I want some of my new energy to rub off on you!:D (btw, my 18 yr old just turned 18 less than 2 weeks ago, and my 12 yr old will be 13 tomorrow so our kids ages are closer than we first may have thought!)...

Have you considered that this pain could just be part of your osteo-arthritis? Why wouldn't it be? I'm wondering why you think that it's your blood and not your arthritis in your bones? And if that's the case, shouldn't it be your rheumatologist that's dealing with these issues with you and not your hematologist? Just curious - looking at all this for the first time and all...

Thank you so much for all your thoughtful answers to my own problems. You are a common sense kind of gal, just like me! We totally think alike and your answers make complete sense, thank you!

Feel better today okay? I've got the busiest day, my youngest is turning 13 tomorrow, his friends are throwing a big party for him at one of their houses (I just found out - need to see if I can help somehow)- my middle son has prom tonight, we all have a wedding to attend tomorrow... but I'll be watching for any added notes by you :wave:

Your new friend;),

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