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Hi all,

I've been reading up on anemia ever since I got my labs back and I'm still not sure what my results mean. I didn't even have the labs done for fatigue or what-have-you. I asked to have them done because I take a [B]lot[/B] of ibuprofen for arthritis & was worried I might be damaging my liver or kidneys. Turns out my liver & kidneys are just fine but I'm anemic & my CBC is just weird.

Here's what I know (with normal range in parentheses):

RBC 4.38 (4.50-5.60)
Hgb [COLOR="Red"]11.1 (14.0-18.0)[/COLOR]
Hct [COLOR="Red"]34.4 (42.0-52.0)[/COLOR]
MCV 78 (80-100)
RDW [COLOR="Red"]15.8 (12.1-14.9)[/COLOR]
Plts [COLOR="Red"]403 (150-375)[/COLOR]

Iron [COLOR="Red"]17 (25-156)[/COLOR]

Obviously I realize my iron is too low. :round: I mean, when the upper limit is 156 & my number is 17 .... yeah, that's a concern. I've been taking a 27mg iron supplement daily since I got the results & got almost immediate relief from some restless legs that had been making me crazy! So I guess i'm on the right track there. :)

Question #1:
I've heard of other people taking more than the regular supplement level of 27mg. Would that be safe for me too since mine is pretty low?

Question #2:
I highlighted in red the numbers that seemed to stand out as more than just a lab anomaly. Is this just a normal variation due to being low in iron? The only reason I ask is that my platelets have been higher than normal for a couple of years now, and that started way before the labs showed low iron.

Sorry to sound so dumb but I'm new to this.

Thanks for any help you can offer! :D

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