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[QUOTE=Fitness Seeker;4760150]Hi Jenny: The symptoms i have had the past few yrs is just fatigue, exhaustion, weakness (esp during 1st few days of period), windedness /brethlessness when climbing stairs or doing aerobic exercise (which i have avoided for a couple of yrs b/c it makes me very lightheaded and uncomfortable that i feel i may past out). The internist that i just started seeing told me he thinks the windedness may be related to sth else so we are still trying to figure things out. It may be related to my lung capacity or heart so I will do an echo test in a couple weeks.

My severe anemia was diagnosed 3.5 yrs ago altho i may have had it unbeknowst to me longer than that. I had 3 submucosal fibroids which were removed in 5/2009. Since then my hemaglobin and hematocrit has gotten better (pre surgery 8 -9) and now they are fluctuating within range/borderline/or lower than the range but not by too much. According to the gyno she tells me i'm no longer anemic , based on the hema /hematocrit numbers. So we are still searching for answers. She suspected i had hypothyrodism, however the labs for T3 and T4 were normal she said, altho my thyroid number escalated. Do you mind telling me what your numbers are/were? She wants me to consult my internist and then i will see her after that.[/QUOTE]

Prior to thyroid meds my TSH was 9.98. More recent lab results are as follows:
TSH (.10-5.50): 3-1-11: 1.5
4-1-11: 1.3
5-2-11: 1.23

Free T4 (.8-1.7ng/dL)
3-1-11: 1.5
4-1-11: 1.3
5-2-11: 1.1

Free T3 (210-440)
3-1-11: 270
5-2-11: 270

Make sure that your Free T3 and Free T4 is also tested as well as your TSH. Just a T3 and T4 can be inaccurate, especially if you are taking certain medications, such as birth control pills. The Free T3 and T4 shows what is readily available for your body to use.

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