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Hi Jenny: Like you I also have very low ferritin. I just made a little chart for myself (and to review w/ the MDs) b/c I'm trying to see if there is a trend. My gyno today tells me she suspect hypothyroidism for me so we did the labs and we'll find out. How stable is the number supposed to be? I see some people say it's ideal to be at 1. Mine was 2.10 in 9/2007, 2.219 in 5/2009 and then in 3/2011 it elevated to 3.46. that's why she suspected it could be problematic, even tho it's within range.

My ferritin level has also gone down gradually. It ws 9 in 12/2009, 7 in 12/10, and 5 iin 3/2011!!! So I am not beginning to read the posts and learning alot from everyone's experiences here.

has anyone noticed any trend in their cholesterol levels? I did in mine. I've noticed that my good cholesterol has dropped and my bad has gone up, tho gradual.This concerns me but i don't know how to interpret the numbers, so I will bring that up on my next appt. It is strange b/c i have been eating oatmeal regularly for a good few years and to see my good cholesterol drop gradually, I wonder somehow if there is some sort of correlation ?

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