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Jenny--- I do not have all the answers to your questions. But I do have some thoughts and experiences to share. And, as you know from the thyroid board--I too have hypothyroid, have had low ferritin and also low vitamin d. And, when all those 3 things came on together , I felt awful. Today, I feel so much better and I think getting better takes working on all 3 conditions. I also think it is near impossible to tease out which symptoms are attributed to which deficiency as the symptoms so often overlap. I think it is just best to get started on a multi-pronged approach.

That being said...your ferritin is really low. I am sure that others on this board would agree . And, it will take some time to get your level up. And there is the question to what level? Some say at least 50. But, having spent sometime on this board , I think most of us want a ferritin of at least 75 if not higher.

It is truly a long slow process to get your levels up...for most of us who have been at the ferritin project it can take a year or two. There are different forms of iron . Personally I had a great deal of stomach upset with any of the ferrous formulas. So, I kept searching. I made great strides with proferrin and it doesn't make me ill . My ferritin is now around 60 but I want to get it higher so I am taking a low dose of proferrin daily and have had to adjust my thyroid meds accordingly.

As to your vitamin d--try to get that around 45ng/ml or higher. I would go for at least 50ng/ml on the vit d. have your work cut out for you.

Just a final thought and this should actually have been the first point...did your dr. rule out other causes for your low ferritin? Generally before going to supplemental iron , a dr. should rule out other causes of low ferritin.

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