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I just found out in March that my Ferritin level was low, 6. Normal is 22-291. My CBC was normal though. I also have hypothyroidism and started taking a T4 med in January and started a T3 med in April. My symptoms have been aching and run down/fatigue. I started taking a liquid iron supplement and in 2months it raised my Ferritin to 11. I do feel like I am improving, but am not sure if this is due to my thyroid meds that I started or my liquid iron. I am definitely not feeling "normal" yet. Can a low ferritin level, but normal CBC cause aching and rundown/fatigue feeling? Or does your iron level need to be low as well to cause the aching and rundown/fatigue?
I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but my Neutrophils level over the years will occasionally drop below normal range. I have seen this in blood tests that have been ran. I'm not sure if the neutrophils will drop when you are not feeling right. I only have had blood tests when I have not felt right.
Here are some of my netrophil blood test results:
Standard range 2.1-7.7 K/uL
12/29/2010 3.3
3/1/2011 1.6
3/4/2011 5.3
Can this indicate cyclic anemia/nuetropenia?
[QUOTE=hmm82;4759277]what were your HGB and HCT levels?

yes I read that if the low ferritin involves very low iron stores in tissues (other than bone marrow), then you can have such symptoms. I was also worried myself because I got weird muscle pains and weakness but it seems to be related. my HGB(12.1) and HCT were tested to be in the normal range, just at the low end of it, MCV too low though, below normal. so I'm guessing bone marrow was making up for this by producing more RBC's, because cell count is higher than it was last year when I had better HGB and better iron levels.

so anyway, this is why I'm asking exactly where your HGB is in the range. also how about MCV and MCH?

what would really show if the tissues in general (such as muscle tissue - your aches, are they muscle aches??) are low in iron, is a soluble transferrin receptor test. if sTFR is high in the blood, then your tissues don't have any iron in them.
of course a low ferritin level will suggest this too, but I read in some articles that sTFR can be an even better marker.

PS: I don't know anything about thyroid stuff so no idea about the possibility of that problem causing the aches etc.[/QUOTE]

My HgB was 12.3 (11.5-15normal range) and my Hematocrit was 38.8(34-46). My MCV was 89 (80-100). My RDW was out of range, but of no concern to the MD. It was 15.3 and normal is 11.9-14.3. I'm not sure what the MCH is?

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